Just a small town girl with big dreams…


I’m the girl that grew up in a small town and never left; but don’t let my deep, hometown roots fool you—it doesn’t mean that I’m the girl I once was, or anywhere near the woman I strive to be.


True to being a small town girl, I married that one boy from middle school who used to ride the bus with me and annoyed the crap out of me (if I’m being honest.) Today, he is my best friend—the love of my life—and together with our family, we run a successful collision repair facility in the mountains of Southern California. (For the record, I haven’t always been entrepreneurial-minded. I have my amazing husband, Tyler, to thank for that; but that is for a separate blog post, on a different day.)

I grew up playing competitive softball, always being known as “that great pitcher” locally in the SoCal travel ball circuit. Softball was my life; it was my weekends, my summers, my hours after school, my spring breaks…it was EVERYTHING. It wasn’t until my sophomore year at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), quietly burning out some time prior, that I made the decision to let go of the identity that I felt everyone forced upon me and I quit my collegiate softball career: just. like. that. That decision, while terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time, was the first time I felt like I stood up for what I believed in, what I—and not anyone else—wanted, and went all in (or out, technically.)


Fast-forward 8+ years, I am almost “forever 29,” and I am proud to say that I have been through (and conquered) so many different challenges and obstacles in my short life; all of which have shaped me into the resilient, badass woman that I am today.

I’ve been tested mentally: struggling in a career that I thought I made a mistake in choosing until I pushed through my failures and grew into a savvy, successful business woman.
I’ve been pushed to my limits physically: suffering a back injury that turned into chronic pain, forcing me to become more mindful of my body and develop consistent, healthy habits.
I’ve been scarred psychologically: severing ties to my mother, after years of verbal and mental abuse, freeing myself from guilt and a painful past that held me back.
And I’ve been broken down emotionally, struggling with infertility for years before pursuing fertility help and being blessed with my twins, Jameson and Camille.

My greatest challenge, which has turned into my great blessing, was when I fell pregnant in December 2017 and learned that there was not just one but TWO! humans growing inside of me, I panicked:

How was I going to physically care for and raise two babies—I’ve barely HELD a baby? How was I going to continue working at our family business, while not neglecting my responsibilities as a mother? How was I EVER going to get my pre-baby body back?


My worries continued to build higher and higher, all through my pregnancy, until the moment I heard Camille’s strong, beautiful cry in the operating room, followed by Jameson’s deep wail just one minute later. It was then, in those first moments of their life, I realized the most important truth: I was made for this.

Through my journey as a first-time mom, I have proven myself strong enough time and time again, even when I was my own biggest doubter; surviving the newborn stage—four nightly feeds and all—as a mostly solo parent. Working remotely on the days I am home with my babies while juggling being back at work in the office 2-3 days a week. Making the time to workout and having the discipline to eat healthy, making it possible for me to get back a healthy body that I am confident in.

My motherhood experience, every struggle and triumph, has made me feel empowered, strong, and more badass than I ever have; and I believe every mother deserves to feel the same way I do.


This belief, that every woman—whether a successful, hungry entrepreneur or a devoted stay-at-home-mom (SAHM)—deserves to feel in control of her life, not like she is drowning in her responsibilities as a mother, is the reason why I created this blog, The Eureka Diaries.

I am passionate about helping other women realize that motherhood is the perfect opportunity to better themselves, rise to their potential, and pursue a life that leaves them feeling powerful, beautiful, and fulfilled.

Now, it’s time to embrace your badass side, mama.